Black Land

Da Wang Culture Highland is pleased to announce the upcoming double exhibition by artists Raffaello Eroico and Simona Janisova, of works produced during their artist residency over 2 months at the art centre, from their first time coming to China. Italian contemporary painter, Raffaello Eroico, explores a process of personal introspection and expression through an intense creative period working on a large series of canvases. Slovakian ceramicist, Simona Janisova, returns to the intimacy and tactility of clay in an atmospheric body of work inspried through fantasy and storytelling.
Opening: 23/08/2014, 3p8

Da Wang Culture Highland, A Building Gallery, 1188 Wang Tong Road, Da Wang Village,  Luohu District, Shenzhen – CHINA




大望文化高地很荣幸地宣布即将举办的双展来自艺术家Raffaello Eroico 和 Simona Janisova,所有展出作品是他们第一次来中国在大望为期两个月驻地期间创作的。意大利当代画家Raffaello Eroico,通过 一个强烈的创意时期创作一大系列油画探索了个人内心世界和情感过程,斯洛伐克陶艺家Simona Janisova由幻想和故事灵感启发展现了重回与陶土亲密接触的创作。

s konom_cinstina

“This season, you’ve got to hunt down a dark unicorn, then have a cup of tea, hiding yourself between green, green mountains, observing shady rainbows at the horizon.”

In recent years my ceramic artwork has focused mostly on the application of contemporary industrial technologies such as CNC milling, 3D software modeling and 3D printing, used on both my design and free art works. This current exhibition presented at Da Wang Culture Highland in Shenzhen is the outcome of my artist residency, during which I had a “comeback” to traditional and basic ceramic techniques. After years of voluntary distance from this direct relationship with ceramic materials, I had a huge inner desire to return to the roots, and once again experience the simple joy of touching clay. And this experience becomes surprisingly liberating. As a result, there is a series of objects, some functional and some non-functional, altogether named Black Land.

Black Land is my personal landscape, which actually doesn’t belong to me at all. It is my inner area, with its own rules, with undefined, endless borders and content. Currently a dark landscape, consisting of many colorful spots, ready to be discovered. This mysterious, unexplored rural place is determined by reality, dreams and desires.


在最近几年我的陶艺作品大部分集中在把现代工业科技比如电脑数控碾磨,三维软件开模和三维绘画运用到我的设计和自由艺术作品中。此次展览表达了我在大望文化高地的驻地经历,在这段期间我“回归”传统和基础陶艺技巧创作,在与陶艺 材料直接接触渐行渐远多年后,我内心深处有了一种极大的渴望想要回到最初,再一次体会触摸陶土的那种简单快乐,然而这次经历变得意想不到的如释重负,一些实用性的,非实用性的,所有结合名为黑色地带



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